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Overcome Pain Points With Custom Business Software

Imagine the following scenario: a company has been using the same legacy business software for more than 20 years. It is no longer keeping up, so Mike is given the task of finding an adequate replacement. His biggest problem is the many software pain points his colleagues complain about. And since new software means new pain points, he is stifled in his search.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself in a similar position? Pain points are one of the biggest hurdles to adopting new business management software. Too many pain points can stop you in your tracks. It is easy to find yourself so afraid of adopting new software that you never actually do. Meanwhile, your legacy software continues to be more of a burden and less of a helpful tool.

5 of the More Common Pain Points

There are as many software pain points as there are business software developers. Pain points come in all shapes and sizes. Below are five of the more common ones we have encountered as a custom software development firm. Perhaps you are familiar with them.

1. Compatibility

Rarely do companies rely on a single piece of business management software to run everything. Rather, multiple software solutions are employed. This creates a problem when it’s time to upgrade or replace – new software isn’t necessarily compatible with the other packages a company is using. Sometimes new software is not compatible with a company’s current business or workflow.

2. Software Bloat

Software bloat can be a pain point on multiple levels. First, bloat can make new software too overwhelming for users to learn. Second, companies pay for bloat. A company could spend a lot of money on a bloated piece of software filled with features that will never be used.

3. Missing Features

The other side of the bloat problem is business management software lacking critical features. Missing features do not help people get their work done. Meanwhile, the IT team needs to spend a lot of time creating workarounds.

4. Lack of Support

Off-the-shelf business software rarely comes with the kind of support businesses need. Without proper support, a piece of software can become a real nightmare. Have you been there?

5. Price and Value

Shopping for new business software makes one realize just how expensive running a business can be. Price is a big pain point. In addition, a perceived lack of value makes the pain point hurt even more. If you feel like you are paying too much and not getting enough in return, you may be reluctant to buy new software in the future.

Custom Software Is the Answer

It is not possible to eliminate every pain point that comes with business software. Pain points are a normal part of the equation. But there is a way to minimize them: a custom software solution from a company committed to developing packages around how you already do business.

Custom business software can have its own pain points. Here at Modest, we limit the pain points by learning your business. We learn what you do, how you do it, and whether you think you can do it better. Then we design software to fit your unique needs. You get nothing more and nothing less.

Every software package we develop comes with our full support. We will answer your questions, help you troubleshoot problems, and even teach you how to use your new software. We do what we do because we believe in the power of customized business solutions. If pain points are keeping you from upgrading your software, let us talk.

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