A Service Business CEO’s Journey to Success

The Pain: Managing Chaos

Anne’s service business does meth remediation for real estate professionals and other partners in Utah. She was growing to the point that so many moving pieces made it difficult to keep track of everything and continue to serve her clients to her normal, very high standard. Anne says about that time in her business, “There were lots of little pieces to manage and not enough hands available to manage them. We needed to find a way to keep track of precise details so we could be a more efficient business.”

Cost vs Investment

As Anne has reflected on her business expenses prior to hiring us to build what show now calls “The Baton” (handing off details from one stakeholder to the next), there is no hesitation in her response when she says, “This has paid off in a big way for my business! I’m able to do far more as I use The Baton to run my business than before we hired Modest. If I didn’t have this software, I would need at least 2 more full-time employees and probably more. I’ve not only been able to grow faster, but I’ve also been able to do so with growing profits.”

Scaling Up

Anne is far from finished growing her business. She is actively collaborating with the Modest team to add more features to her software so it can be even more powerful. One of the primary benefits of working with us is you are the captain of the boat; we are here to serve your business in the way you feel is best. Anne has been an incredible partner and we are thrilled to help scale her software as she scales her business to the next level.

Salt Lake City, UT, USA