Flexibility + Affordability =
Custom SaaS

Custom software development services is a luxury that most businesses can’t afford.
With Modest, custom is within reach.

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In the beginning…

Every business starts with a dream, and a lot of hard work. At first it’s just you, or maybe you and a business partner. While it’s tough, everything works the way you imagined. Eventually your determination pays off, and your business begins to grow, but as it grows it becomes harder to manage. At some point, to get to the point you always dreamed of, you’re going to need software.

Off the shelf software

As you start to look, you encounter the term SaaS (software as a service), and it seems promising, but man are there a lot of them! (30,000 at last count.) Some are suspiciously cheap, others are outrageously expensive. What does it mean to have unlimited boards, and is 250 actions a month a lot or a little? But the biggest question of all, how do you get this software to duplicate the processes you already set up? Do you have to hire someone? Spend weeks learning it yourself? Are you ever going to love your software as much as you love the rest of your business?

But what about custom software development?

Don’t big companies usually have custom software? That would allow you to do things exactly the way you want, but it sounds hideously expensive. Also don’t they also have IT departments to build and manage that software? That sounds like an enormous headache even if money weren’t an issue. But wouldn’t it be nice to get exactly what you want? To get software that exactly matched your business, rather than trying to squeeze your business into someone else’s software. If only there were some way to combine affordability of a SaaS system with the personalization of custom software.

Introducing Modest, a true Custom SaaS!

With Modest there is! You get the reliability and speed of modern cloud-based solutions with the customization of software that was built from the ground up for your business. We’ve developed hundreds of “lego blocks”, which we use to quickly and cheaply build your software exactly how you want it. You don’t have to train yourself on somebody else’s software, you train us on your business,and you get exactly the software you want and none of the software you don’t need.

With Modest you get software that matches your business.

What Our Customers Say
“Modest are masters at communicating to make the complex simple as well as being exceptional programmers.”

—Richard Ferguson
CBC Mortgage Agency
Salt Lake City, UT, USA