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Customer relationship management (CRM) and the software that drives it are indispensable in a modern world where data rules everything. Your organization can buy a commercial CRM software platform or have a custom package built for you. Here at Modest, we believe custom CRM software is the better choice for most applications.

To be truly effective, CRM software needs to facilitate the process of collecting, managing, and storing the right information. It needs to make that information easily accessible to those who need it. Last but not least, it needs to be able to maintain up-to-date information without requiring a tremendous amount of work from system administrators.

What does your CRM software do?

If you currently use an off-the-shelf CRM package, what does it do for you? More importantly, what does it not do that you wish it would? Whatever that might be, a custom CRM platform from Modest would give you all the functions you want and none that you don’t want.

Custom CRM software should be:

  • . Easy to deploy on your network.
  • . Easy for your team to use.
  • . Adaptable to your company’s sales cycle.
  • . Automated wherever applicable.
  • . Centralized for better communication.
  • . Secure at every level

The key to customization is understanding how your organization does things. That is where the Modest team shines.

Does your software match your processes?

As usable as off-the-shelf CRM solutions can be, they lack one key thing: none of them are designed around how your company does business. Here at Modest, every project begins with us getting to know the client’s day-to-day processes.

Your organization’s processes are integral to the way you do business. That being the case, you shouldn’t have to adapt your processes to off-the-shelf software. Instead, your CRM software should be built around your processes. That is what you get with Modest.

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