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A content management system (CMS) is a tool designed to make managing website content efficient and easy. Plenty of open-source CMS platforms are available online. If open source doesn’t work for you or your current open-source solution has outgrown its usefulness, it is time to think about a custom CMS.

What a CMS Can Do

A CMS works by storing content in a database and calling it up only when needed. How data is presented on a website is handled through CSS and HTML. A well-conceived graphical user interface (GUI) makes a CMS easy enough for anyone to use – even without coding or programming skills.

A CMS can be utilized to:

  • Manage website content.
  • Manage a variety of digital assets.
  • Create and manage documents.
  • Distribute company news and information.
  • Facilitate internal communications.

A custom CMS can do everything an open-source product can do but with the added benefits of increased security and streamlined productivity. Modest can develop a custom CMS for your company.

Why Choose a Custom CMS?

The Modest team believes in the power and possibilities of building custom CMS platforms. Among the many benefits of doing so is getting a CMS tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Open-source CMS platforms are designed to appeal to the widest range of needs, but that often leaves organizations with a platform missing vital features while offering others that are not needed. Custom CMS development solves that problem.

Custom CMS development also addresses security concerns. Organizations can more tightly control who has access to a custom system and what each user can do with it. The latest security protocols can also be implemented to keep intruders out. And because plug-ins are not necessary, a custom CMS eliminates one of content management’s greatest security risks.

Interested in learning more about custom CMS services? Contact Modest and let us talk about it.

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