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Ross Richey
Ross wrote his first line of BASIC on an Apple IIe in 1985. Since then, he’s had a passion for exploring what computers could do. His path has taken many twists and turns, but he never lost that central drive.

These days his quest is to understand how to make software on a practical level. How do you make it easy for customers and employees to use? How do you make sure you’re building something that works without unnecessary complications? And most of all, how do you control your software budget?

Ross and his team have a lot of experience. They’ll make sure they understand your business before a single line of code is written, and they will walk you through learning to plan and manage your software project so that it meets the needs of your business.

Will Conant
Lucky enough to have his own computer at the age of 10 and inspired by the Nintendo games of the time, Will spent a decade designing and programming computer games after school and every weekend. In 1999, he was offered a summer internship at Adobe where he worked on networked applications and discovered an interest in business automation.

Since then, Will has been solving business problems with web-based software in various roles including tech lead, chief architect, and engineering manager. He has a proven track record of bringing both a solid architectural foundation and an effective team dynamic to software projects of any size.

What Our Customers Say
“Regardless of how specialized your company’s software needs are, I would strongly recommend Modest as your software development partner.”

—Robert Lee
President, Mobile Tech Strategies

Salt Lake City, UT, USA