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Custom software development is both the product and service we offer at Modest. In terms of product, custom software isn’t something every company can afford. We are striving to change that through a revolutionary modular approach that gives clients exactly what they need at a price that fits the budget.

In terms of service, our development model is built on the concept of truly understanding the customer’s business processes. When we understand the process, we can create custom business software that skips the bloat while maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf

If your company isn’t using custom business software, the only other choice is off-the-shelf software. A case can be made for both. However, off-the-shelf software has one inherent weakness: it is designed to offer the most functionality for the largest possible base of users.

The broad-based approach to software development isn’t necessarily a good thing. It often leads to software bloat, software that is too complicated to use, and steep learning curves for employees. It also forces companies to adapt their processes to match the functions and constraints of their software.

Custom software development is different. When Modest builds custom software for a client, how the client does business is the foundation. It is the focal point around which all custom software development takes place.

Useful Software People Love

We take pride in the fact that our custom software development model makes it possible for us to build useful software people love. At the end of the day, this is our goal. We believe that your business software should be uniquely tailored to the way you do things. It should be easy for your team to use. It should be easily upgraded and maintained as necessary. And of course, it should be secure.

We offer all of that, and more, by way of our custom software development. If you are tired of not loving your off-the-shelf business software, let’s talk about making a change. Custom software gives you exactly what you need, exactly the way you need it. What more could you want from business software?

Custom CMS

A custom content management system (CMS) is exactly what your organization needs to manage both your website and any internal web content easily and effectively. A custom CMS platform delivers exactly what you need in a controlled and secure environment.

The beauty of the CMS paradigm is that it makes it possible for anyone to manage web-based content – including documents, multimedia, forms, etc. – without having to know any coding or programming. A custom CMS platform takes content management to a whole new level by tailoring the platform to the exact needs and specifications of each client.

Custom Business Analytics

Organizations of all scopes and sizes rely on analytics to drive future decisions. Commercial analytics tools can work, but custom business analytics work a lot better because they are tailored to an organization’s needs. With custom business analytics, you are not chasing meaningless numbers that don’t help you improve performance. You get only the data you need presented in a way that means something.

Modest offers custom business analytics for companies of all sizes. We get to know your business and the metrics and KPIs that are most important to your success. We then put together an analytics tool that gathers, analyzes, and presents the right data in an actionable way.

Custom CRM Software

Your sales and management teams rely heavily on CRM software to maintain strong customer relationships. But if you are using an off-the-shelf solution, it is probably lacking some features you and your team really wish you had access to. It probably has features you don’t even need.

A custom CRM software package offers exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Furthermore, custom CRM software from Modest is tailor-made to match how your team does things. Do not be a slave to an off-the-shelf solution. Instead, invest in custom CRM software that works for your organization the way you want it to.

Custom Software for Small Business

Business software can be an expensive proposition. Far too often, small businesses must settle for off-the-shelf applications they can afford – even if those applications do not truly meet their needs. Here at Modest, we do things differently.

We offer custom software solutions for small businesses because we believe every company should have access to business software that works for them. Companies should not have to settle for software filled with bloat. They shouldn’t have to constantly worry about upgrades and updates. They should not be forced to adapt their processes to the limitations of their business software.

What Custom Software Offers

Custom software solutions for small business are tailored to each company’s unique needs. If you have been thinking about going with custom software but you question whether or not it’s worth the investment, consider what you get with customization: software aligned with your company’s processes, needs, and budget.

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