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Unique Businesses Often Need Custom Software

Clients are motivated by all sorts of things when they come to Modest in search of custom business software. A motivation we hear a lot is the need for software that adapts to an unconventional business. And we know from experience that there are a lot of unconventional businesses out there.

It is not unusual for us to work with companies whose businesses are unconventional that nothing off-the-shelf even comes close to meeting current needs. They come looking for custom business software because they have exhausted the workarounds they have been applying to their off-the-shelf software. Tired of the workarounds, they want something made just for them.

Managing the Chaos

One of our clients operates a very unique business in the Salt Lake City area. Without getting into the details, her business is set up in such a way that tasks are passed from one party to another similar to how relay race runners pass a baton. Prior to coming to us for custom business software, the business owner felt like she was barely managing the chaos created by her off-the-shelf product.

We fully understand such thinking. We have come alongside more than one client working so hard to overcome the limitations of off-the-shelf software that the work environment could be described as nothing less than chaotic. That’s generally the case when unconventional businesses attempt to adapt to conventional software.

One of our goals is to bring an end to the chaos. We don’t want to simply manage it; we want to eliminate it. We do so based on the foundational principle of giving clients only what they need and nothing more. We accomplish it by starting with basic modules that function as building blocks for a custom software package.

An Affordable Way to Build

Our development process revolves around software modules for several reasons, the first being that it is a more affordable way to build custom business software. We don’t want our clients to have to exhaust their finances to get a good software product. We want them to be able to afford what we build. The module model allows for that.

Starting with modules also allows us to build in customized functions in shorter amounts of time. The foundation for each and every function already exists within the modules. We just need to modify it to meet the needs of the client. And when you are running an unconventional business, plenty of modifications are likely needed.

Still another advantage of the module model is built-in scalability. As a company grows, we do not have to reinvent the wheel to keep their software going. We simply adapt what is already working to accommodate a larger number of users.

The Best Way to Meet Unique Needs

We think it is safe to say that the best way to meet unique needs in terms of business software is to invest in custom software development. Yet there is a considerable barrier to overcome: cost. Custom software development is not always cheap.

We are very cognizant of budgetary concerns. Once again, that is why we utilize the module approach. We are firmly committed to the idea that clients can have customized software uniquely designed around their processes and workflows without spending a small fortune.

If you run an unconventional business for which off-the-shelf software is insufficient, we invite you to learn more about custom business software built on modules. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how the Modest approach can lead to software perfectly tailored to your business at a cost that fits into your technology budget. We hope you will give us that opportunity. Contact us today to learn how we can build a custom software that best suits your business.

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