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Why ‘If It Ain’t Broke’ Doesn’t Apply to Business Software

There is an old adage that says, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. It has been our experience that a lot of companies apply the principle to their business management software. We think that this is a mistake. Just because a company’s business software is working as intended doesn’t mean it is achieving the best possible results. We believe the most efficient and compatible software is a custom business software that addresses a client’s specific needs and requirements.

In business, results are everything. How a company achieves its stated goals matters. And sometimes, when goals are achieved through old and outdated software that no longer meets modern standards, inefficiency impacts the bottom line without management thinking twice about it. That is a mistake. What’s the solution? Custom business software.

The Horse Wasn’t Broken

Not wanting to replace things that aren’t broken is understandable. Upgrades can be time-consuming and expensive. They can also come with pretty steep learning curves. But imagine if we followed the ‘if it ain’t broke’ philosophy across the board. We wouldn’t be driving cars today.

The horse wasn’t broken when engineers first started working on cars powered by steam engines. For centuries, the horse proved a reliable form of transportation. So why design cars? Because they represented a better way to do things. Cars are faster. They can carry heavy loads. They do not need rest, medical attention, or tons of food.

Just as the car was a total upgrade from the horse, custom business software is an upgrade from that old, outdated system your company is still using. Maybe your old business software still functions the way it’s supposed to. But could it function better? Could it be leaner, meaner, and more efficient?

Nothing to Be Afraid Of

It is not unusual for business owners and managers to fear embracing new software packages because they don’t know what to expect. And yet there is nothing to be afraid of – as long as you team up with a custom software developer with a proven track record and a genuine interest in creating software around your needs. That is what we do here at Modest.

The whole point of going with custom business software is getting a package that fits the way you already do business. By contrast, off-the-shelf packages are designed around generic business needs. You get some of the features you want but not all. You also get plenty of bloat. In a best-case scenario, you need to apply multiple workarounds to maximize the effectiveness of that software.

When you go the custom route, all the negatives that come with off-the-shelf solutions are pretty much nonexistent. You get exactly what you need and none of what you don’t want. You also get business software that works the way you work.

Maximize Efficiency and Productivity with Custom Business Software

Perhaps your old and outdated business software isn’t broken. Maybe it works just fine. But where does it stand in terms of efficiency and productivity? There may be better ways to do things. There might be a way to boost efficiency and productivity with custom business software that fully integrates with all your systems.

Imagine business management software with built-in automation capabilities. Imagine a package that integrates with accounting, HR, etc. It is not just a dream. Custom business software at an affordable price can be reality.

As a company that specializes in software development services, Modest is all about custom business software. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our approach to building business packages. We will get to know your company and how you do business. Then we will build a package perfectly suited to your needs. Best of all, we won’t bust your budget.

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