Custom Software Outperforms Spreadsheets Every Time

Just about every office has one: a spreadsheet king or queen. This individual is a person who has mastered the spreadsheet like a software jedi, a person who can make an average spreadsheet sing like a world-famous tenor with a few formulas thrown in. But spreadsheets are so yesterday. There is a better way to manage your processes.

We offer that way with custom business software designed around how you already do business. Rather than having to modify your processes to work with our software, the software comes ready to be plugged into your processes as-is. You can manage your processes right from the software instead of having to rely on external spreadsheets.

Why are you still using spreadsheets?

Before you can honestly assess Modest software for small business, you really need to know why your company does things the way they are currently done. So ask yourself this question: why are you still using spreadsheets? We can think of tons of reasons:

  • Spreadsheets are free.
  • They are fairly easy to use.
  • They require minimal training.
  • They are adaptable to all sorts of data.
  • They are easily integrated with business software.

All the reasons for managing processes with spreadsheets are legitimate. We would never argue otherwise. But think about efficiency. Think about doing duplicate work. Think about using a tool that was brilliant for its day but is now outdated and showing its age.

Could your office stand to be more efficient?

As long as we’re asking questions, here is another one: could your office stand to be more efficient? We don’t know a single office manager who would answer that question with a ‘no’. Greater efficiency is always a good thing. It only helps businesses be better at what they do.

For all the advantages spreadsheets bring to the table, their big disadvantage in terms of managing business processes is inefficiency. For starters, the office spreadsheet king or queen needs to manually create a new spreadsheet – along with all its formulas and automated tasks – for every new business process requiring management. There is a lot of labor upfront. Creating new spreadsheets is less efficient than software with process management built in.

Spreadsheets also need to be manually maintained. When processes change, so do the spreadsheets attached to them. Someone needs to manually make those changes. That is not very efficient.

What if you had software that did the same thing but better?

Do not misunderstand this post as an attempt to shoot down spreadsheets. As a company that develops custom business management software, we truly understand the spreadsheet’s appeal. What was originally designed as a tool for managing numerical data has proved to be so much more. Business owners and managers love spreadsheets for obvious reasons. But what if you had custom business software that did the same thing, only better?

Now you are talking our language here at Modest. We believe in better. We believe in better business software tailor made to accommodate a client’s processes. We believe in better software that eliminates the need for spreadsheets, includes built-in automation, streamlines office operations, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. That is exactly what you get with Modest business software.

We cannot guarantee our software will eliminate all your spreadsheets, but it’s a pretty safe bet we can eliminate the ones you utilize to manage your processes. Our software is built around your processes so that they can be managed within a single business platform. You end up with a much more efficient system that does exactly what you need it to do.

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