Why Custom Business Software Is Often Best for Startups

We have done our fair share of designing custom business software for startups. As small businesses are just getting off the ground, startups still need reliable business software that allows them to run their businesses efficiently. That being the case, we believe custom software is often the best choice for them.

Opting against custom business software leaves startups with only one other choice: off-the-shelf solutions. No doubt there are off-the-shelf packages that can work. But how well they work is another matter entirely. More than one entrepreneur has been frustrated by off-the-shelf software that requires workarounds to achieve the necessary functionality.

You Have Your Processes

Reading this post suggests that you are either a startup entrepreneur or are curious about how startups acquire business software. Let us assume the former. Here’s the first thing we learned about you and your fellow entrepreneurs when we first started developing software: you have your processes.

Regardless of the particular industry you are involved in, you have set your business up in a way that you find logical, efficient, and productive. You have processes in place for everything you and your employees do. Now you need business software that is compatible with those processes.

You might get lucky and find an off-the-shelf product perfectly suited to the way you do business. But your chances of doing so aren’t great. Why? Because off-the-shelf packages need to be designed to appeal to the broadest base possible. That generally means software that isn’t compatible with at least some of your processes.

Customization Is the Answer

You and your team being content with workarounds and compromises might be okay as long as your off-the-shelf software doesn’t seriously inhibit your ability to work efficiently. But if that ability is hampered, customization is the solution. It is the answer to all those questions about why your current software doesn’t work so well.

Here at Modest, we start with a selection of modules built around common business tasks. We put together the modules that your business needs to do what it does. Then we finish it off with further customizations that deliver a solution tailor-made to your organization and how it does business.

You get all the features you need and none that you don’t. You get functions that make sense to you and your team. You get software tools that do what you need them to do without relying on workarounds.

Custom Business Software Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

By now, you might be seeing dollar signs flashing before your eyes. We get it. In the past, purchasing customized business software could put a serious dent in any startup’s limited budget. Customized software just wasn’t feasible until a startup became self-sufficient. But at that point, what is the point?

One of our goals as a leading software developer is to make custom business software affordable. That is where our modular approach comes in. Building software on top of prebuilt modules allows us to do what we do more cost-effectively. We make customization affordable for companies of all sizes.

Customization Is Within Reach

We would like to say that the Modest model ensures that customization is within reach of just about any company. Even startups can afford customized software that does exactly what they need it to do. That includes your company.

It is our opinion that custom business software is often the best option for startups. If you would like to know more, contact us. We will be happy to explain the Modest concept and how we can develop custom business software for your organization. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

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